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Everything Agata Belcen Loves

Agata Belcen is Fashion Editor of AnOther Magazine and Another Man.

Risto Bimbiloski Galaxy Parka

Viktor & Rolf

Fendi Peekaboo

14 Loves

Wonderful bag, available in many materials such as leather, fur, jersey and more.
This is a must-have.

Loved by Sarah Volpi and 13 othersAgata Belcen, meggg, kagrombach, mmm, Charles & Blog, samanthaaxo, alessandra.fanizzi, Harper379, leewaxty, lovely, Nênê Pires, Fashion Freak, moli
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Alexander McQueen shoes

Patchouli Empire by CB I Hate Perfume

6 Loves

"The cashmere shawls made so fashionable by the Empress Josephine & the heroines of Jane Austen novels arrived in Europe rolled in patchouli leaves. This protected the delicate fabric from being devoured by moths on the long sea voyage from India. The scent of the leaves was so pervasive that for a very long time afterward, a faint exotic perfume still wafted from these popular wraps."

Loved by Leigh Batnick and 5 othersAgata Belcen, mmm, Lali Chaladze, Harper379, Ultima Thule
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Kansai Yamamoto jumpsuit for David Bowie!