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Melissa x Lovefoxxx "Fox" flats

9 Loves

I designed it for Melissa!
The whiskers are represented by the little thread that goes around to become the "tail" in shape of a bow!

Loved by Lovefoxxx and 8 othersAgata Belcen, Cako Martin, Sophie, maja, Rebecca Smeyne, MadamaDrusilla, _elisaaa, Rukavina
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Yves Saint Laurent travel adaptor!

27 Loves

For all the fashionistas followers of the hairdryer, I-phone, computer, Yves Saint Laurent launches the international adapter which allows to connect his favourite device on any socket in the world. Naturally this accessory is sold in its leather cover.

Loved by Sofia and 26 othersNancy Waters, Mae Delaney, Agata Belcen, Kin Woo, Lucy Maria, Mélanie Crété, miamoda, M. Àngels Jover, BeeBee, neilyalimohamadi, jaimek, Bluish, Carolee, Lexidiny/Miranda, meggg, stauri, Carol G., mmm, Siobhan, charlotte maddison, Dori K., Ags, _elisaaa, loewenherzlionheart, leewaxty, lovely

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Norum 1958 sunglasses with hand-carved Yew tree temples by Oliver Goldsmith

6 Loves

Now under the control of Clare Goldsmith (the great granddaughter of the eponymous founder), the iconic British pioneer has created this special edition Norum, with hand-carved yew tree temples by Brian McGinn, from the 1958 OG archives

Loved by Sofia and 5 othersMae Delaney, Agata Belcen, Arnissa Smith, MadamaDrusilla, Printzo

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