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La Vie Boheme

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This book accompanies the poem, La Vie Boheme by Jonathan Larson for the musical Rent. The type is composed of headline and text clippings from various newspapers. For the cover, Amrita Marino recreated a newspaper by piling all the text clippings and had the "faux newspaper" photographed.

Loved by Agata Belcen and 16 othersLucyann, Seren, Carolee, MaryJohnofKings, mmm, Noeli, NICO/ALI, shoegalmng, Allison Bo, Victoriaa, Cecile, ElianaLuck, hanky713, thisgirlcharlie, Silk Huang 千衣今, Nênê Pires
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Camera print by Christine Berrie

Maison Martin Margiela Barbie look

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Loved by Lucia Davies and 118 othersFrancisco Salvado, Mae Delaney-Reid, Agata Belcen, Hayley Caradoc Hodgkins, Nobuko Tannawa, Sara Arnold, Mandi Lennard, Sarah Volpi, Samantha Lim, Sophie McGinn, Cako Martin, Mélanie Crété, Fiona Mackay, kwada, M. Àngels Jover, Daniella Negromonte, Paula Robles, Melodi, Bluish, stauri, isawad, Marta Represa, egeyuksek, An Muller, MaryJohnofKings, mmm, Siobhan, Rachel, Aline Teodoro, MariaBlazynska, iconlo, Joe, E.P.Cutler, Rose Valenzisi, laura praet, Prins Tom Furu, Siobhan Benson, miluy, ninahalevy, Astrinek, tjornina, Iris, Laure Laure, ozlem, Tomohisa Degawa, Sarah.D, racdejo, shoegalmng,, Yukko Cat, Allison Bo, lonva, Fe, powderv, anordinarydesigner, andycherry, Patsy, sugarhit, ElianaLuck, Miss Boum, cristinairisarri, Xiao Ya Lee, VanShe, pcervoni, carrie, Yulia Krivich, lou, maggie black, lspp, drzoidy, EVI KARATZA, cokez, Carrousel de la Mode, lunacedron, daso, sophiekeij, factory_girl, zimmermann, aliya, Mayorgasmic, ela27, lornskii, Eline, heartsnbones, hushidar Mortezaie, jonathan, DanijelaR, faceCULTURE, monica fragoso, gingerl, diana luganski, Lucia Mariani, Gaia, lovecurly, Lucygarside, amorim, jacquelyn, kamila, ece ateş, Emanuela, Morly king, Francisca Germain, Varvara Frol, Tommaso Diodato, onlyjoe, IrmaLaDouce, Violet Blaak, carmen90210, Siobhan Bon, MeganPerkins, leewaxty, mold, Oliveoil Sittisaksomporn, Antibeautiks, yedee, jiaox2, Kanako, Polina Kozlova
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Helmut Lang / Asymmetric rabbit and nappa-leather jacket

Lanvin / punk lizard python cuff

Marc by Marc Jacobs Tech Collection

Superette: Cocoon Armchair

Jackie J.S. Lee SS2011

Fendi Sunglasses SS2011

Tessa Edwards

Alexander Wang / Brown Angela Small Pochette

Brass Chiirirenge with Bamboo Handle

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A brass serving spoon created for the famous Kyoto style tofu stews with flower cutouts to strain the broth from the spoon. It is made by a 400 year old company in Kyoto that is well-known throughout Japan for its knives and cookware.

Loved by Paul Wagenblast and 10 othersCarolee, mmm, Noeli, edyta, Allison Bo, kawai, Juju, Ms. Aksy, IrmaLaDouce, A L-B
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