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The Gucci Memes You Never Knew You Needed

The Italian house has launched #TFWGucci with a series of witty and wonderful memes that we couldn't wait to share

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Artist: Ege Islekel, Meme Creator: @champagneemojisCourtesy of Gucci

First things first: we are fully aware that today is, in fact, Friday and not Monday, but these Gucci memes just couldn’t wait. Yes – Gucci memes. The Italian house charged ‘international meme creators’ with the task of making memes featuring images of Gucci timepieces of their choice, and the resulting set of lol-inducing creations are nothing short of outstanding. With captions most definitely on point and appropriately zeitgeist-y (which is no surprise considering the internet’s favourite Insta-stars compiled the memes, including @beigecardigan and @textsfromyourexistentialist), some are made up of collages and others are bizarre and brilliant photographs, all existing under the umbrella of #TFWGucci. Thank you, Alessandro Michele, for turning our Friday in the direction of the hilariously unexpected.