The Simple Elegance of Linda Rodin’s Namesake Beauty Brand

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Artwork by Javier Sola

The beauty icon's line of oil-based products combines simple and effective formulae with effortlessly chic packaging

Who? Those familiar with our particular proclivities at AnOther Magazine will be au fait with Linda Rodin – a woman whose approach to self-presentation and cosmetics alike have firmly established her as one of our favourites. 67 years old and almost impossibly chic, the former model-slash-stylist's namesake skincare line, Rodin Olio Lusso, is as remarkably appealing as she is herself. A simple series of oil-based products which not only come in our favourite packaging but work with impressive vigour, Rodin explains that “my tag line is 'there is beauty in simplicity,” and thus, each incarnation exists without all of the bizarre bells and whistles that are so often extraneous to a product's efficacy. “I only make products that I personally want, need and use,” she says. Essentially, it's an impeccably curated line to make you look, feel and smell great – and we wouldn't expect anything less.

What? “I was searching for a simple and clean oil for my face and none existed, so I made it myself at home,” Rodin explains of the motivation behind first establishing her brand. And, quite literally, she did: blending an assortment of 11 oils in a coffee cup and thus creating the now cult Olio Lusso Facial Oil (it has since become a cosmetic staple for those with parched complexions). Currently, the range incorporates products like a facial cleansing powder (add a few drops of water and lather), a fragrance (jasmine and neroli: who wouldn't want to smell like Linda?), and the greatest hand cream we've yet found (thick and creamy, it smells simply delicious and feels even better) – but each is based upon Rodin's elegant and yet impactful approach to beauty.

Most recently, a series of five lipsticks has joined the line: after all, Linda's cosmetic regimen is simply to spread a few drops of the face oil onto her skin, and then apply a lip colour. “It just seemed like it was time to make my own,” she shrugs – and the creamy yet matte shades (each scented with jasmine and neroli oils) prove her instincts right. Finally, comment on the products wouldn't be complete without mention of the lip balm ring: the grown-up version of those you'd hoard in your adolescence. Obsessed.

Why? First and foremost, because Linda is the epitome of an AnOther Woman. But secondly, and perhaps more importantly, because these products work. They are simple, beautiful, and smell delicious, and they honestly do what they claim to: hydrating and conjuring an instant dewiness. It is certainly of no harm that they look fabulous in a bathroom or a handbag. We're sold.