The Practical Perfection of a Prada Puffer

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Set design by Samuel Pidgen

As the bleak midwinter makes downy coats seem more appealing than ever, we examine the functional glamour of Prada's padded puffer

TextOlivia SingerPhotographyMax CornwallPhotographic EditorHolly Hay

Puffer Jacket, Prada

Black nylon, fox fur collar

It is scarcely a revelation to say that the puffer jacket has seen a resurgence over recent seasons: voluminous winter coats have appeared on runways from Raf Simons to Balenciaga, Marques'Almeida to Alexander McQueen. But the greatest example of such a garment is surely this timeless Prada number, formed from black nylon in accordance with the house's codes of utilitarian elegance, and decorated with a fox fur trim lining the hood for optimum comfort.

Such a piece enjoys all of the familiarity of a school-gate staple but, by Mrs Prada's hand, is elevated into normcore elegance. It possesses an active disregard for seasonal trends in the manner one would expect from such a practical, plain black number – its down-filled nylon is both insulating and water-repellent – but isn't that irreverence what makes it quite so appealing? It is Prada, yes, so proclaims affiliation with a house renowned for its intelligent approach to luxury, but dismisses any outré fashion peacockery. Understated, but stated nonetheless: practically perfect in every way.