Harajuku Ravers Vs. Ziggy Stardust at Marc Jacobs

For the first in an exclusive series of fashion week character cards, Ahmad Swaid examines the woman behind Marc Jacobs S/S17

TextOlivia SingerIllustrationAhmad Swaid

There are few raves more appealing than one organised by Marc Jacobs, and few designers who can turn the sort of aesthetic usually favoured by those at Burning Man festival into something covetable. Fusing an offbeat collision of rainbow-coloured Etsy dreadlocks and Romy Schneider-style lamé, Ziggy Stardust platforms and shimmering brocade, for S/S17 the Marc Jacobs girl appeared to simultaneously advocate for MDMA culture, Julie Verhoeven and Lisa Frank. She provided the ideal inspiration for anyone preparing a trip to a New Moon Party, or the centre of Harakuju, but – most importantly – she filled us with joy. We’re not normally eagerly awaiting an invitation to join Miley Cyrus’ tour bus, but Jacobs has provided a complementary wardrobe for such endeavours: (literally) elevating gothic lolita footwear, plenty of camo and abundant accoutrements of early-2000s culture into resplendent cyberpunk glamour. Maximalism has never looked, or felt, so good.

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