Another Man's Fantasy Advent Calendar: David Lynch

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What might the cult filmmaker hope to wake up to on Christmas morning? The Another Man team offers their gift predictions

The sophomore instalment in Another Man’s fantasy advent calendar – which is rolling out through December on the Another Man Instagram account, with each week dedicated to a cultural icon – is the inimitable David Lynch. The director, screenwriter and musician is a cornerstone of contemporary surrealist film: from the neo-noir stylings of cult classic Blue Velvet, to the dark ode to American kitsch that is Twin Peaks, Lynch’s visual language is slick, absurd, and more than a little sinister – and his sartorial identity similarly so.

So what would the elusive filmmaker hope to wake up to on Christmas morning? The Another Man team hypothesises that an illustrated Raf Simons white shirt would suit (buttoned to the collar, of course), coupled with a pair of silver dime cufflinks by Brooks Brothers to add a dash of the essence of Americana which permeates his work, and topped with a black Yohji Yamamoto jacket. To secure that signature silver quiff? A generous application of Penhaligon's Bayolea hair pomade should do the trick. Lest we forget those all-important accessories: a pair of Mykita aviators to conceal the results of many long, coffee-fuelled nights spent poring over scripts, and a windproof Zippo lighter, created in collaboration with Christopher Shannon, for the famed smoker. With a stocking like that, his isn’t set to be a traditional Christmas morning – but then nothing about this icon of filmmaking ever was.