Intergalactic Elegance at Maison Margiela S/S16

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John Galliano’s stellar creations win the Loves Vote this week

This week, John Galliano unveiled his second ready-to-wear collection for the house of Maison Margiela. Elegant with an interstellar riff, the otherworldly references at play suggest he may have already abandoned this small planet’s earthly delights in favour of something extra-terrestrial. This particular S/S16 look, which fuses Barbara Windsor’s love of leopard print with Ziggy Stardust’s penchant for pewter, won the Loves vote for Ellie Grace Cumming this week.

The collection itself was a tour de force of otherworldly embellishment. While the garments hinted at a Japanese influence – thick cords were used to secure dresses high on the body, or to attach satin bags to their wearers – sparkling silver and blue eye make up looks by Pat McGrath referenced an ethereal understructure, which was emphasised by towering martian-green behives. Clingfilm had an unlikely role to play, as limbs were wrapped in fishnet stockings and sheaths of the shiny plastic, giving the models a finished sheen.

Here’s AnOther Man fashion director Ellie Grace Cumming on why Maison Margiela caught her imagination this week.

Why did you love this look from the Maison Margiela S/S16 show?
"Everything about it is pure fashion fantasy – the hair by Eugene Souileman and make-up by Pat McGrath is out of this world and completes the look so perfectly. A green beehive with fabulous coquette-esque silver make-up is a dream!"

If you owned this outfit, where and when would you wear it? 
"The shoes with fishnets, everyday... The coat is perfect for all occasions."

Barbara Windsor or Ziggy Stardust?
"Ziggy Stardust."

Leopard print or PVC?

Who is your favourite intergalactic entity?

Taking a leaf from Galliano’s book, what’s the best alternative use for clingfilm?
"Definitely will be saving any ideas to complete my Halloween look later this month!"

What is the last item of clothing you bought?
"A Morrissey T-shirt after his gig at Hammersmith earlier this month."