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Bamford Pebble Soaps, MAC Powder Blush in Azalea, Linari Soap

The Beauty of Artful Arrangement

From Bobbi Brown to Bamford, we position our favourite new beauty products in a delightfully aligned series of still lives

Few things are as satisfying as a carefully curated still life shot; they are the focus of many an Instagram feed, at the heart of many an editorial. Set designer Tara Holmes and photographer Kristy Noble have honed their craft down to a particular art: their understanding of tone, texture and form presented with scientific precision means that their collaborations are always magnetically compelling. Here, exclusively for, they have turned their hand and their lens to beauty products, positioned and documented in all of their luscious glory. From Bobbi Brown's deliciously gloopy balm cleanser to Bamford's perfectly-formed heart-shaped soaps, RMS Beauty's shimmering shines to the whipped texture of Chanel's Bronzing base, we present the most delectably arranged series of preening products around...

(Above: Bamford Pebble Soaps, MAC Powder Blush in Azalea, Linari Soap)