The Full Shoot: Collier Schorr's Take on The Physical Future

AnOther Magazine S/S15Photography by Collier Schorr, Styling by Katie Shillingford

Collier Schorr and Katie Shillingford explore the power of the body in AnOther Magazine S/S15

For AnOther Magazine's S/S15 issue, Collier Schorr and AnOther fashion director Katie Shillingford created The Physical Future: a fashion story that celebrates the power of the body. With dynamic poses that explore physical strength, the positioning of the layout also means that the reader needs to rotate the magazine in different directions to see the images, reminding us of the physicality of the magazine as an object. Windows of flesh are exposed through both the garments worn and the positioning of the models, while male models wear women's clothing, objectifying the masculine form alongside the feminine. We bring you the full story, exclusively at AnOther.

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