Kate Moss: Three Minute Love

Kate Moss gleams in an exclusive film by Ruth Hogben for AnOther Magazine A/W14, styled by Katie Shillingford

Ten years ago, Kate Moss was photographed by Craig McDean for the S/S04 issue of AnOther Magazine. A decade on, she returns with four outstanding cover stories and an exclusive film for AnOthermag.com by Ruth Hogben and AnOther's fashion director Katie Shillingford. Watch Moss perform a hypnotic dance, her movements forming irridescent brush strokes that sweep across the screen, capturing a Moss attitude that has kept audiences hooked for over twenty-five years.

"We just really wanted to make the best out of Kate," explains Hogben. "A film which encased her, rather than disguised her. Something rock 'n' roll, with a feeling of old and new technology."

“We didn’t want to change Kate into something else,” continues Shillingford. “We wanted her to move naturally. We wanted to do something that was simple and beautiful with moving image as it’s more of an unchartered territory for fashion. The clothes were black and shiny – the shinier the better. You see something that is very real but at the same time you’re transported to a magical world, and that’s what fashion is about, isn’t it?”

The A/W14 AnOther Magazine is out now – buy it here.. An exclusive digital cover, featuring Kate Moss and created in partnership with Burberry can be seen here.