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Ring Leader

Sophie McGinn from the band teenagersintokyo and a modernist Cartier ring

Cartier 18kt Gold & Lapis Modernist Ring
Cartier 18kt Gold & Lapis Modernist Ring

For the second time we have chosen a member of the band teenagersintokyo to be AnOther’s lover. This week, our favourite product was a 1960s 18kt gold and lapis modernist ring by Cartier, loved by guitarist Sophie McGinn.

Why did you choose the ring?
I thought it was a good example of how a strong and elegant design can still look relevant, even decades after it was created.

What's the last thing you bought?
A jet-black sewing machine.

What's your most treasured possession?
A collection of antique screw back earrings that I share with my mum because we both have unpierced ears. They all have different stories and we add to the collection all the time.

What's you favourite online shop?
Kimoyes for fabric swatches from vintage kimonos.


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