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Jason Schwartzman & Goat

This week's unexpected love vote winner is Jason Schwartzman looking uncannily like a goat chosen by AnOther's Daisy Woodward

Jason Schwartzman & Goat
Jason Schwartzman & Goat

Ever since the Athena man cradled a tiny baby in his unthreateningly muscled arms, becoming the default poster in the bedroom of every teenage girl in Britain, it has been acknowledged that the aah factor is a potent force in the creation of an icon. It doesn't matter how handsome, intelligent, charismatic or divinely coiffed a man may be, add a child or animal into the shot and the reaction will transform from ‘so-what’ to swoon. Everyone’s done it – from George Clooney with a pug to President Obama and a starstruck poodle. And now the AnOther Lovers have fallen for the emotional blackmail, with this shot of Jason Schwartzman looking uncannily like a goat winning the Loves vote for AnOther’s social media and editorial assistant Daisy Woodward.

"Add a child or animal into a shot and the reaction will transform from ‘so-what’ to swoon"

As befits their position as the world’s favourite pets, the majority of the amazing shots of men and animals feature cats and dogs. Paul Newman, Kurt CobainJack Kerouac and Marlon Brando were feline fans, while Alain Delon, Pablo Picasso, Humphrey Bogart and Tom Ford all preferred dogs. Ever eclectic, Andy Warhol had a menagerie of both. But thankfully for us not everyone has been so traditional in picking who joined them in the frame. James Dean hung out looking moody with a large pig and both Hitchcock and Johnny Depp bonded with koalas, while the eternally outlandish Salvador Dalí was often spotted taking his anteater for a walk. These stars knew what they were doing – while a solo portrait can be good, throw in something four legged and things tend to get great.

Here we ask Woodward which Schwartzmann film is her favourite and to pick the species who would play her in the animal kingdom.

Why did you love this shot of Schwartzmann?
I love Jason Schwartzman and I love goats and the pair of them in the same pose, making the same expression made me very happy.

Where would you keep the print?
On my fridge – it would be a real cheerer-upper!

What's your favourite of his films and why?
Perhaps a bit predictably, it's all about his Wes Anderson films for me. Darjeeling Limited is a close contender – I love the Hotel Chevalier short that comes with it, with him and Natalie Portman. But it's got to be Rushmore. He is just so good at that awkward yet self-righteous vibe. 

What would be your spirit animal?
I think it would be a foal, or a labrador, something that bounds about a bit clumsily. 

You write a column called The Pets, all about animals and their famous owners - which animal love story is your favourite?
The story of Picasso and his sausage dog Lump is amazing, as is Audrey Hepburn and her fawn

Dog walking or cat sitting?
Dog walking for sure. Our family has a big yellow labrador called Fudge who I love walking, when he isn't making a beeline for muddy puddles/strangers' picnics (a whole box of scotch eggs was his last triumph).

What's your favourite animal on stage, screen or song?
I really enjoyed Clio Barnard's most recent film The Selfish Giant, the horses in that were beautiful. Otherwise The Aristocats and Homeward Bound were childhood favourites. 

What are you looking forward to about summer?
Swimming outdoors, and hopefully a trip to Spain.

What was the last thing you bought?
A birthday present for my brilliant little brother Fred, who is now not so little at the age of 20.