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A Californian Oasis

The clouds in the sky have got us yearning for this Californian idyll Loved by Laura Bradley

California, 1940 by J. Baylor Roberts
California, 1940 by J. Baylor Roberts Courtesy of National Geographic

Having done a straw poll of social media, it seems that right now most of the world wishes they were at Glastonbury. Not so at AnOther. No, here we are indifferent to the siren call of mud and Metallica, having been entirely seduced by the idea of basking under the palm trees by this magical pool in 1940s California, as captured by National Geographic photographer J. Baylor Roberts. Loved by editor Laura Bradley, this shot has been a heavenly counterpoint to the occasional drizzle that has punctuated the past week, sweeping to victory in a chorus of good vibes.

Summer is a time of infinite good vibes – swimming, strolling, gauzy clothes, barely-there shoes, sitting outside late into the evening, putting fruit into every drink around. And the key component of all of this joy is sunshine, something we in England know to be a very fickle friend. But when it’s around, the sun is the best of all possible companions, enhancing moods, tanning skin, melting the ice in Pimms faster than we can drink it. And while very little of it is scheduled for this weekend, this blissful shot of a Californian idyll is something of a balm. So as we start booking flights, Bradley tells us who she'd take along for a visit, and which (aptly named) Oasis song she'd have as a soundtrack.

Why did you love it?
I spotted it on Yasmin Sewell's Instagram account. I've just come back from a holiday in Sicily and it instantly took me back to those relaxed holiday feelings. 

Where would you put it?
At AnOther HQ so all of the AnOther ladies could benefit. It's a chic alternative to those cheesy office motivational posters you see in office stationery catalogues.

Who would you take to your circular, palm tree oasis?
Mr Tom Gibson. He's great company and makes great cocktails. We could create a Club Tropicana moment. 

What would you wear by the pool?
This is the ultimate...

Ringside seat or splashing about?
Splashing about mid afternoon, when the sun's at its highest and its hottest. 

What's your favourite place in California?
On the porch of my best friend's house in Echo Park.

What's your favourite Oasis song?
Slide Away.

What are you looking forward to about summer?
Cycling in the sunshine, to and from work. 

What was the last thing you bought?
Wonderoud by Comme des Garçons, their latest fragrance.