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Marte van Haaster's Dior Model Moments

Marte van Haaster shares her personal photos from the Dior S/S13 couture show and talks about her relationships with other models...

Anabela Beilkova at Dior Couture S/S13
Anabela Beilkova at Dior Couture S/S13 Photography by Marte van Haaster

Every season, Dutch model Marte van Haaster takes her camera with her to the shows. Whilst normally her lens is focused on capturing her surroundings, this season at Raf Simons' Dior S/S13 couture show in Paris, she chose to concentrate on the brilliant make-up created by Pat McGrath. "We were there from 9am until 7pm and obviously had to eat during that time", she explains. "I swallowed three of the crystals".

It is only through her images with personal anecdotes that we can get a real sense of the relationships between the girls backstage. "I first met Alex Kirtoka two years ago. It was her first big show experience", she reveals. "It was great to catch up with her and see how far she'd come. She opened the Dior show." Polish model Marta Dyks was Marte's 'twin' in the Louis Vuitton show last season. Hungarian model Vanessa Axente is a regular show companion for Marte: "she does a lot of shows. She's young and I think she's going to be really successful. We had a wonderful time together doing the Chanel Metiers D'Arts show."

"Bette Franke is Dutch and we get on really well; she's really lovely. Talking about home keeps us grounded"

Bette Franke is the model Marte has known the longest. "She's Dutch and we get on really well; she's really lovely. Talking about home keeps us grounded", she says.

"Each fashion week, I always invite a few friends from Holland and we rent a private apartment. It feels more homely than staying in a hotel. I always take my own frying pan. I like to eat porridge every morning. My diary, which is full of stories and pictures, is really important to me. I lost one once on Friday 13th and it was a disaster."

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Text by Laura Bradley