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Anna Mouglalis

We welcome acclaimed French actress, Karl Lagerfeld muse and Chanel ambassador...

Anna Mouglalis in her Chanel leather jacket
Anna Mouglalis in her Chanel leather jacket Courtesy of Chanel

Anna Mouglalis is the kind of girl you'd love to be friends with – cool, knowledgable with a brilliant sense of humour. Imagine our delight then, when the French actress, Karl Lagerfeld muse and Chanel ambassador offered to share her favourite Loves with AnOther, taking up the prestigious slot as Guest Lover for a week on AnOther Loves. Mouglalis kicks off her residency with her vintage Chanel leather jacket. The leather jacket has long been a celebrated garment, favoured by style icons such as James Dean, Michael Jackson and Hedi Slimane. Here Mouglalis reveals the story behind her beloved leather jacket and her personal leather jacket heroes.

Why did you to choose your Love your leather jacket?
It came to me as a gift.

How long have you had it? What's the story behind it?
9 years. I am still trying to make it speak.

"I've had the leather jacket for 9 years. I'm still trying to make it speak"

What do you like to wear it with?
Absolutely everything.

Do you have a leather jacket hero?
Marlon Brando in his snake skin jacket and then Nicolas Cage in David Lynch's Wild at Heart, saying it is " a symbol of his individuality".

What was the last thing you bought?
A pack of cigarettes.

Anna Mouglalis features in Chanel's The Little Black Jacket exhibition currently showing at London's Saatchi Gallery.

Text by Laura Bradley

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