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Kate Moss' Pink Hair

Pink hair is having a heyday – a look that has scored itself first position on the AnOther Loves stream this week. Last month, Dazed & Confused and AnOther's Katie Shillingford opted for a pale pink dye to offset her beautiful...

Kate Moss by Juergen Teller
Kate Moss by Juergen Teller

Pink hair is having a heyday – a look that has scored itself first position on the AnOther Loves stream this week. Last month, Dazed & Confused and AnOther's Katie Shillingford opted for a pale pink dye to offset her beautiful, soft grey Gareth Pugh dress at her wedding. And model Charlotte Free turned heads with her shocking pink locks in February’s fashion weeks.

The current pink hair craze certainly has its precedents. Hair colour chameleons Courtney Love and Pam Hogg have sported this hue in the past. And numerous runway shows have promoted the look – in 2009, Yohji Yamamoto had bold, sweeping streaks of colour contrasting with the model's natural shade, and his A/W11 show featured pink but this time amongst Troll-shaped wisps of pastel colours, similar to the candy-floss coloured, poodle-esque turrets of the Comme des Garçons S/S10 models. Junya Watanabe's S/S11 collection showed models with their faces hidden by haunting white masks and topped by luminous coloured wigs, including a bright pink version. On the big screen, Natalie Portman memorably pulled off pink as Alice, the seductive temptress, in Closer. Likewise, this week’s favourite of AnOther’s Loves is Kate Moss’s own brand of pink hair from 1998, in this smoldering photograph by Juergen Teller, chosen by photo editor Hayley Caradoc-Hodgkins. Teller and Moss met when Moss was just 15 and have worked together on many striking photo shoots ever since. But this particular image has captured our hearts for its dream-like quality and pink haired perfection. Here, we speak to Caradoc-Hodgkins on why she chose this photograph, statement hairstyling and her hair idols.

Where did you find this Juergen Teller photo of Kate with pink hair?
I am fanatical about collecting images, and putting them in files. It's a bit of a weird hoarding obsession. I wish I was a bit better at remembering where I have found images though, I just see something I like and grab it. Bit like a kid in a sweetshop. I had my computer stolen a few months back, and I lost about four years of archived images. I'm starting from scratch again, but this time I'm certainly backing up.

Would you dye your hair this colour and – if so – what style would you match it with?
I have dyed my hair this colour. I had it on and off for about a year when I was 17. Unfortunately, when dying ones hair, you end up dying most of your clothes too. So I would have to opt with Moss, and match it with a towel. I have an amazing beach towel designed by Alex Katz.

Do you dye your hair and – if so – what’s the most daring colour you’ve dyed it?
I have dyed my hair pretty much since I was allowed. The worst was when I decided to go blonde aged 15. I double bleached my hair in one sitting, and it went the most terrifying shade of orange I have ever witnessed. Daring? Not so much. Distraught? Very.

What's been your most audacious hairstyle?
I was a Saturday girl at a hairdressers when I was 15. There are simply too many to mention. My favourite haircut is when I went really short. I looked like an Austrian school boy, but in great heels.

What do you think has been Kate Moss’s best hairstyle to date?
I love early Corrine Day Kate Moss. Just simple, long, slightly mousey and utterly stunning.

What other bold hairstyles have you admired?
My Estonian grandmother’s. She has the most wonderful silver hair, which is in a short crop. She cuts it herself with a razor blade. So cool!

Last year Comme des Garcons chose candy-floss-coloured curls for their S/S collection models - do you think multi-coloured hair is an attraction or a distraction on the catwalk?
Absolutely not. I need the distraction form the clothes I can't afford.

What is the last thing you bought?
A Philip Lim black winter coat off eBay, and a pair of 5 euro espadrilles form the supermarket in France.

What is your favourite online shop?
My favourite book publishers, Morel. Books are my weakness. There is always something I want from there. I have run out of shelf space in my house, so books now pile up from the floor.

Text by Daisy Woodward

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