What AnOther Loves This Week: Modernist Lamps & Frozen Fizz

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This week's suitably sunny @anotherloves edit spans chic lighting and champagne ice lollies

When it comes to furniture design, we're suckers for a mid-century modern statement. And modernist light fittings are just as satisfying, as evidenced by this sleek, pale blue desk lamp by German silversmith and Bauhaus designer Christian Dell. Deftly crafted from lacquered metal and brass, the so-called Kaiser lamp is a 1940s design classic which ran in a number of different, but no less beguiling colourways. 

Grace Wales Bonner once again demonstrates her mastery of translating high-concept ideas into beautiful garments in this intricate skullcap. As AnOther Lover Ted Stansfield observes, "Obviously this is an exquisite piece of craftsmanship but there's more to it than that, like there always is with Wales Bonner’s work. It was inspired by 16th-century Maharajan palaces and she often uses crystals (a European sign of wealth) and cowries (an old African form of currency) to symbolise a meeting between, or creolisation of, culture."

Saturday marked Independent Bookstore Day, the ideal excuse to support your nearest book dealer by investing in rare tome or two. We've set our hearts on this aesthetically pleasing first edition of Patti Smith's early poem Ha! Ha! Houdini! The celebrated punk pioneer began her career as a poet, and remains one to this day. "Poetry, I think, is one of the most difficult of the arts," she said in a 2014 interview with Dazed Digital. "The act of writing poetry is torturous – and sometimes magnificently transporting... [It] is a very high language; I think of poetry as very pure."

This week we're finally encountering some much-needed sunshine, and in typical British fashion, we're determined to make the most of it while it lasts. Time to wheel out the barbecue, dust off the sunglasses and order in a sizable batch of these delicious champagne ice popsicles from Fortnums. As AnOther Lover Laura Bradley points out, "Dream summer scenario? A dozen oysters and a champagne lolly."

Jonathan Anderson is a passionate pioneer of the ruffle, using the detail to adorn skirts, French cotton shirts, and even leather boots to remarkably elegant effect. This long-sleeved, high-necked blouse from the S/S16 collection is the perfect example of a well-employed ruffle making for chic yet understated wearing.