Somewhere I Would Like to Live

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Residence Tomie OhtakePhotography by Nelson Kon

The Spanish architecture collective presents its fortnightly selection of awe-inspiring residences

Residence Tomie Ohtake by Ruy Ohtake
Architect Ruy Ohtake created this building in 1970, with the intention of using it as his own residence. The open-plan living concept presents a huge and desirable space in which concrete becomes unexpectedly cosy and elegant. The structural system, punctuated by dramatic beams, is one key tenet of his unmistakable style.

The Paper House by Shigeru Ban
Made with paper tubes thanks to a nifty loophole in planning law (paper is not recognised as a building material) this gorgeous space was dreamt up by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban. 

The incomparable beauty of the structure comes down to Ban’s sustainable approach, making the creator a pioneer of anti-architecture ideas.

ATM by Niizeki Studio
This wonderful abode was designed by architecture collective Niizeki Studio, and is situated on the summit of a Japanese mountain with breathtaking views. The residence is a masterpiece of contemporary architecture, and resembles a geometric shape inserted into the landscape.

Casa Baladrar by Langarita-Navarro Architects
Drawn to the area by the Mediterranean sun of the Spanish coast, architecture studio Langarita-Navarro developed this amazing project, in which contemporary style melds with the surrounding rocks and the landscape.

The result is a unique and serene retreat created for families and retired people who want to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle.