Somewhere I Would Like To Live

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Earth Houses by Peter VetschCourtesy of Wiki Commons

Our favourite architecture collective reveals their fortnightly selection of fantasy abodes

Earth Houses by Peter Vetsch
First up: Switzerland, where we showcase one of the most important examples of modern architecture.

Earth Houses are an exquisite, environmentally conscious series of constructions created by the renonwed Swiss architect, Peter Vetsch. We think the organic lines and subterranean rooms have a cinematic quality. 

Adam Pogue's LA Loft
This unique loft, situated in downtown Los Angeles, presents a fluid balance of boho eclecticism and Californian modernity. 

Dan Martensen and Shannon Glick's House   
This beautiful couple (Martensen is a photographer, Glick a model) live in upstate New York, surrounded by nature. Their free-spirited concept house is a fitting reflection of their healthy and contemporary lifestyle.

The Home of Boris Radczun
Boris Radczun is an expert in gastronomy and has a very sensitive idea of how his home should look and feel. Located in Tiergarten, the 200 m2 apartment is virtually empty, yet is full of personality. The use of light and carefully edited selection of furniture makes Radczun's abode a beacon of soft auesterity. 

House in a Forest by Paul Kaloustian
This superb building was designed by architect Paul Kaloustian. Nestled in the heart of a tall pine tree forest in Lebanon, its curved silhouettes and subtly textured surfaces work in harmony with its natural surroundings.