Somewhere I Would Like to Live

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Observatory HousePhotography by Iwan Baan

In the first edition of our new fortnightly column, Extraordinary Spaces, Barcelona-based architecture collective Somewhere I Would Like to Live shares a selection of awe-inspiring abodes

Observatory House
This picture, by photographer Iwan Baan, captures exactly how architecture is capable of melding with its environment. Situated in Roca Blanca in Mexico, the house was created by artist Gabriel Orozco and architect Tatiana Bilbao, inspired by the Jantar Mantar, an equinoctial sundial in India. This residence represents a new way to understand life; a bit mystical, totally honest and full of creativity.

Vicenzo de Cotiis’ Brescia Office
We are totally fascinated with the work of architect Vincenzo de Cotiis. His office in Brescia, which originally was a sock factory, is a perfect example of his timeless elegance. This breathtaking space proves how rawness can perfectly construct a different kind of luxury.

Miquel Barceló's House and Studio
The artist Miquel Barceló bought an amazing Arabic-style tower around 30 years ago, and nowadays it's the place where he lives and works. In the middle of the Mediterranean landscape of Mallorca, this little treasure is a temple of creativity. Every single corner is a small museum where unique pieces try to find their place in the architecture.

Villa Erskine
The legacy of British architect Ralph Erskine is now open to visitors. This residence, where he lived with his wife in Sweden, is a reflection of his expressive ideas about architecture, and guided tours are now available for fans and curious passers-by alike. 

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