Underwater Babies

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Emerson© Seth Casteel

This Happy Monday, lifestyle photographer Seth Casteel brings us adorable portraits of tiny humans underwater

It’s important for babies to learn key survival skills from a very early age and water safety is one of them. California-based photographer Seth Casteel captures the amazing learning process with an Anne Geddes-esque series of whimsical photos of joyfully panicky babies building confidence while floating beneath the water. If Nirvana had seen this, chances are their iconic Nevermind cover could have featured a baby girl in a purple bat suit instead of a naked infant chasing a dollar bill on a fish hook.  These little Nemos have made us feel happy, so here we bring you a selection of the funniest photos with the hope to raise a smile.

Happy Monday! #anotherhappymonday

Underwater Babies by Seth Casteel is out now, published by Headline.