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Tailor Made Food

This week's Happy Monday is a sumptuous selection of healthy, hand sewn foods made by set designer Anna Lomax and captured by photographer Victoria Ling

Victoria Ling, Tailor Made Food
Victoria Ling, Tailor Made Food Photography by Victoria Ling, Props by Anna Lomax, Art Direction by Mark Kenney

Under normal circumstances, if you told us that a delicious looking plateful of tuna steak and leafy veg was in fact made of fabric, we'd be thoroughly disgruntled. But these amazing tailor made dishes by set designer Anna Lomax, captured by talented still life photographer Victoria Ling won't disappoint. From fried eggs with tape measure yolks to a spilt glass of silk burgundy, this beautifully presented series has given us a renewed appreciation for healthy food just as the summer diet plans were starting to get us down.

Happy Monday! #anotherhappymonday