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Brock Davis' Instagram Creations

This Happy Monday, we enter the magical mind of Minneapolis-based artist Brock Davis, via his brilliant Instagram account

Parsley on apple stem / tree on hill
Parsley on apple stem / tree on hill © Brock Davis (@BrockDavis)

Some things are guaranteed to make you happy, and the Instagram account of multidisciplinary artist Brock Davis is one of them. Davis finds magic in the mundane, creating killer whales from cucumber, carving Christmas trees in Crayolas and crafting clouds from cotton wool. While most parents try and entertain their grumpy children by plonking them in front of a Disney film, Davis cheers up his young son and daughter by making trucker caps for their bananas using the skin. And thanks to Instagram, we get to join in the fun! Here we've picked some of our favourite of his works for your delectation.

Happy Monday! #anotherhappymonday