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A Topography of Tears

This Happy Monday, AnOther presents a remarkable series of different sorts of tears viewed under a microscope, by photographer Rose-Lynn Fisher

Tears of laughing till I'm crying
Tears of laughing till I'm crying © Rose-Lynn Fisher, Courtesy of the artist & Craig Krull gallery

Humans cry for hundreds of different reasons. Sometimes vastly different – laughter, sadness, frustration, or simply because you're cutting up a particularly potent onion. Others, more nuanced – tears of remembrance and tears of grief, for instance. One day, during a time of change and personal loss, fine art photographer Rose-Lynn Fisher pondered whether her tears of sadness would look different to her tears of joy when viewed under a microscope and set about on an experiment which would last many years – documenting the up-close appearance of 100 types of tears. She completed the project last year, the result being a vast catalogue of tears (her own and those of others), each with their own history and tale. Titled The Topography of Tears, the works look mysteriously similar to aerial views of the earth and indeed the artist notes that the series is like an "ephemeral atlas," documenting a variety of "emotional terrains". We thought they were beautiful in appearance and sentiment and wanted to share them with you to help get your week off to a happy start.

Happy Monday! #anotherhappymonday