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Films as Kits

Iconic films and television shows are re-rendered as perfectly illustrated kits in this week's Happy Monday

A Single Man Kit
A Single Man Kit Illustration by Alizée Lafon

It's Monday once again, and just because it's a Bank Holiday, there's nothing wrong with a little supplementary cheer. This week we're particularly enjoying these illustrations by multitalented artistic director Alizée Lafon, which take the most iconic visuals from cult films and TV shows and reconfigure them as a series of "kits". Rendered to graphic perfection, the kits demonstrate all it takes to become your favourite film hero (or anti-hero) – from the white Y-fronts, camper van and black porkpie hat necessary for those looking to channel their inner-Walter White to the sumptuously 60s paraphernalia and pink, gold-tipped cigarettes required to lead a Fordian "Single Man" lifestyle. Whoever you choose, we hope these help to get your week off to a suitably stylish start.

Happy Monday! #anotherhappymonday