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Food Art: Salami Tape, Cucumber Camera & More

This Happy Monday your weekly dose of cheer comes in the form of these brilliant food artworks

Salami tape cassette
Salami tape cassette © Dan Cretu

Here we present familiar, everyday objects reappropriated – in food or to immitate food – for no reason other than to cheer, courtesy of artist Dan Cretu. From a camera made of cucumber to a cassette containing salami tape, we hope these brilliantly simple, aesthetically pleasing imaginings help to get your week off to the best of starts.

Happy Monday! #anotherhappymonday

Cucumber camera
Cucumber camera © Dan Cretu
Orange Adidas
Orange Adidas © Dan Cretu
Keyboard bar
Keyboard bar © Dan Cretu
Chili and lime motorbike
Chili and lime motorbike © Dan Cretu
Ice-lolly on a knife
Ice-lolly on a knife © Dan Cretu
Chili paint tubes
Chili paint tubes © Dan Cretu
Rose in a cone
Rose in a cone © Dan Cretu
Watermelon matches
Watermelon matches © Dan Cretu
Mandarin lungs
Mandarin lungs © Dan Cretu