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Harm Less by Sonia Rentsch

This Happy Monday we present this collection of weapons made from natural entities

Harm Less by Sonia Rentsch for the January Biannual, Issue 3
Harm Less by Sonia Rentsch for the January Biannual, Issue 3 © Sonia Rentsch, Photography by Albert Comper

This Happy Monday we're championing love not war via this brilliant selection of weapons created entirely from natural entities. Entitled Harm Less, the clever works were created by still life artist Sonia Rentsch, for the January Biannual, in response to a brief asking her to consider life, death, ritual and evolution.

"I began by collecting a handful of natural objects that I let dry over time," Rentsch explains. "One morning, I noticed that a piece of a cactus resembled a dagger, which set me to constructing a series of weaponry. I built a variety of objects but on the day of the shoot decided that the gun was the strongest piece I had produced. The art director Olivia Nicholas agreed and so I constructed another four on the spot with a patient team standing by." The five works were then captured on camera by photographer Albert Comper. From a prickly pine cone grenade to a rose petal cylinder release, one can't help wishing that all firearms were so beautifully innocuous.

Happy Monday! #anotherhappymonday