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Dog Umbrella

We unveil our favourite post on AnOther Loves, and interview its Lover

Dog Umbrella
Dog Umbrella

This week's Love takes canine safety seriously with this marvellous Dog Umbrella

Peering gloomily out of the window this morning, we’ve all had to brace ourselves for the downpour. April may be behind us, but May has come with a whole coterie of showers of its own, adding unnecessary stress to the question of how best to break in your new pool slides. But enough of our own wet weather travails – what of the canine contingent who cannot simply don a mackintosh and scuttle from tree to bus shelter to newsagent doorway to stay dry? Thankfully, via the medium of the weekly Loves Vote, AnOther has found a solution to this perennial problem in the shape of this wonderful Dog Umbrella, Loved by photographer Olena Slyesarenko.

In recent years, we’ve seen pet fashion move from the comedic – a Halloween pug, a Chihuahua cloud – to the haute. Trussadi’s S/S14 campaign featured a series of exquisitely styled greyhounds bedecked in blue leather and red snakeskin, while New York based Menswear Dog, with his enviable blend of Mafioso millinery and radical ties, has gained a huge following and a number of ad campaigns. Yago Partal has pushed further, creating fantasy mug shots including a Hawaiian shirt sporting koala, a biker rhino and a dapper lemur in a waistcoat. However, the reason we love this umbrella is for its blend of style and substance – where others focus on simply the aesthetic joy of a dog in a cravat, this is a product that will keep your pet dry as well as chic.

So, as we reconsider our canine's S/S14 options, we ask Slyesarenko what inspired her to love the umbrella, and how her ideal rainy London day would pan out.

Why did you love this dog umbrella?
Because our pets deserve to live in style. If only I could add a classic trench coat to this little fella's outfit.

Which dog would you like to have wearing it?
Frenchie... True Hollywood cop look.

What would you wear to coordinate with your rain safe dog?
I'd probably go for a wet look like a soaked white T-shirt. I know who would look perfect with a rain safe dog though – Ali. He is very cool.

Who is your favourite dog in film or fiction?
The two dogs in the soviet cartoon Sharik visiting Bobik, where Bobik invites a stray dog over when his owner is away – I'll leave you to imagine what happens next. Also, Lafayette, the Basset Hound in the Aristocats, is pretty sweet.

What is your dream wet weather outfit?
Valentino S/S13 see-through trench coats, so you can still show off lace and silk despite the rain.

What is your perfect itinerary for a wet weather day in London?
A train ride to Heathrow to fly to Brazil. But I suppose getting the front seat on a DLR train from Bank station could also work.

April showers or spring storms?
Spring storms if they involve dramatic lightning.

What are you looking forward to about May?
Bank holidays.

What was the last thing you bought?
Nike flip flops.

Text by Tish Wrigley

Tish Wrigley is the AnOther assistant editor.


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