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Amazing Animal Architecture

Specially chosen by the AnOther team to make your Monday a little easier

Namibian communal nest
Namibian communal nest Photography by Ingo Arndt

This Happy Monday, we're celebrating the beauty of animal architecture via a new book of photographs by Ingo Arndt

Nature has always inspired architects but rarely do we stop and appreciate the craftsmanship of animals themselves in the building of their own homes. This Happy Monday, thanks to a brilliant new book by world-renowned nature photographer Ingo Arnd, we are celebrating animal architecture in all its magnificence. From a gigantic communal nest built by sociable weavers in Namibia, accommodating up to a hundred breeding pairs of the sparrow-sized birds, to a spiralling wasps' nest made from chewed up wood and a vast, beautiful coral reef, these breathtaking images offer fascinating scientific insight into animal building skills and habits, and will hopefully help to supplement your happiness on this Bank Holiday weekend.

Happy (Easter) Monday! #anotherhappymonday

Australian spinifex termite tower
Australian spinifex termite tower Photography by Ingo Arndt
Wasp nest
Wasp nest Photography by Ingo Arndt
Coral reefs
Coral reefs Photography by Ingo Arndt
Baya weavers woven nests
Baya weavers woven nests Photography by Ingo Arndt
Buff-tip moth larvae web
Buff-tip moth larvae web Photography by Ingo Arndt
Australian weaver ants nest
Australian weaver ants nest Photography by Ingo Arndt

Animal Architecture, by Ingo Arndt, Jim Brandenburg and Tautz, is published by Abrams and Chronicle Books and is available from May 1.


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