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Animals Leaping

Specially chosen by the AnOther team to make your Monday a little easier

Crocodile leaping
Crocodile leaping

This Happy Monday, we've compiled our favourite pictures of animals leaping to spread a little cheer

Jumping is often associated with happiness – as a physical reaction to good news or simply as the result of being in an exceptionally good mood. It is also connected to spring and the season's plethora of hopping bunnies and skipping lambs. And as it's now March and spring has almost officially sprung, we thought we'd celebrate with these hilarious images of animals leaping. From a euphoric crocodile to three bounding bulldogs and an adorably soaring mouse, we hope these capering creatures have you jumping for joy too.

Happy Monday! #anotherhappymonday

French bulldogs leaping
French bulldogs leaping © Rhian White / Barcroft Media
Cat leaping
Cat leaping Source:
Goat jumping
Goat jumping Source:
Hare leaping
Hare leaping © All rights reserved by touie2 on Flikr
Mouse leaping
Mouse leaping © John Cocks/PA/RHS
Pig and dog leaping
Pig and dog leaping © Terry Kane / Barcroft Media
Polar bear leaping
Polar bear leaping Source:
Baby monkey leaping
Baby monkey leaping © Paul Biseth
Lamb leaping
Lamb leaping


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