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London Fashion Week A/W14 Words

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London Fashion Week A/W14 Words
London Fashion Week A/W14 Words

We define the words that defined London Fashion Week A/W14

Bright eyes n. Eyes that proverbially pop, often as a result of make-up application, and perfectly demonstrated at Thomas Tait where models sported superhero eye mask make-up in primary colours.

Thoma Tait A/W14
Thomas Tait A/W14 Photography by Rosaline Shahnavaz
Chiltern Firehouse n. André Balazs' latest hotel, which opened its doors to a select few, including AnOther, during London Fashion Week ahead of its official opening on Friday 21 February.

Pepto-Bismol pink a. A shade of bubble gum pink associated with Pepto-Bismol, the over-the-counter medicine to treat minor digestive system upset. The colour is currently having a fashion hey-day, notably among the A/W14 collections of Simone Rocha and Christopher Kane.

Simone Rocha A/W14
Simone Rocha A/W14 Photography by Rosaline Shahnavaz
Sequins n. Small shiny discs sewn on to clothing for decoration. One of our favourite instagrammers Laura Kitty cleverly spotted Tom Ford's referencing of Geoffrey Beene's 1967 sequin football jersey dress. Sequins were also prominent in the Asish collection, where they were similarly given a sporty twist.

Anne Boleyn n. Anne Boleyn was Queen of England from 1533 to 1536 as the second wife of King Henry VIII and Marquess of Pembroke in her own right. She was also the muse behind Simone Rocha's collection – a dramatic, opulent world of velvet, fur, flounced sleeves, jeweled neck and waistlines and embedded embellishments fit for a queen, but given a distinctly punky spin (see Punk below).

Tate Modern n. Britain's national gallery of international modern art, and the official BFC show space this season.

Simone Rocha A/W14
Simone Rocha A/W14 Simone Rocha A/W14
Punk a. relating to punk rock and its associated subculture as per Simone Rocha (in the use of tartan and sense of drama) and Christopher Kane (where black nylon and PVC lent the show a distinctly DIY aesthetic).

Black a. Of the very darkest colour owing to the absence of, or complete absorption of, light; the opposite of white, and particularly prevalent at Simone Rocha, Christopher Kane and Mary Katrantzou.

Christopher Kane A/W14
Christopher Kane A/W14 Photography by Rosaline Shahnavaz
Shrimps n. The newly launched, faux-fur fashion label from London-based designer Hannah Weiland, whose much-coveted, brightly-hued coats and clutches are inspired by "the witticisms of modern art and a playful engagement with pattern and texture."

Cocktails n. London is always a good time to enjoy cocktails. One of our highlights was the Cinq à Sept (Absolut Elyx, vermouth, thyme with lemon zest) at the Chiltern Firehouse. The breakfast fruit smoothies at the Topshop venue were also delicious.

Compilied by Daisy Woodward

Daisy Woodward is the social media and editorial assistant.


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