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Dogs by Elliott Erwitt

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USA, New York City, 1974
USA, New York City, 1974 Photography by Elliott Erwitt

Considering Elliott Erwitt's brilliant dog portraiture

Who? Elliott Erwitt, one of our all-time favourite dog photographers, has a selection of 18 of his most celebrated canine snapshots on show at London's Beetles + Huxley gallery.

"Erwitt is at his best when his lens is focussed on the furry friends he so favours"

What? One of the original Magnum photographers, Erwitt has long been revered for his satirical and witty approach to his medium. He has of course undertaken various, very accomplished documentary projects as well as numerous portraits of the famous, but many would argue that Erwitt is at his best when his lens is focussed on the furry friends he so favours. Over the course of his career the now 85-year-old has travelled the globe capturing canines of all shapes, sizes, breeds and stratas – from pertly pruned poodles to caped and capped chihuahuas – with brilliantly funny and heartwarming results.

France, Honfleur, 1968
France, Honfleur, 1968 Photography by Elliott Erwitt
Why? The exhibition is a rare opportunity for British fans to see Erwitt's wonderful works in the flesh, being the first London show dedicated soley to his dog portraiture. Don't miss your chance to see it before it closes on March 1.

The exhibition runs until Saturday March 1, open from 10am to 5.30pm.

Text by Daisy Woodward

Daisy Woodward is the social media and editorial assistant.


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