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New York Fashion Week A/W14 Words

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New York Fashion Week Words
New York Fashion Week Words

We define the words that defined New York Fashion Week A/W14

Bunny Hop n. A BMX trick that allows the rider to launch their bike into the air as if jumping off a ramp, and one of the various BMX slogans emblazoned across clothes at Marc By Marc Jacobs (MBMJ) A/W14. The bunny is also a signature motif in Katie Hillier's eponymous accessories range.

Marc by Marc Jacobs A/W14
Marc by Marc Jacobs A/W14 Photography by David Urbanke
Pigtails n. Two braids of tightly woven hair, as sported by all the MBMJ models this season, paired with a black headband.

Vogue Evolution n. A dance troupe led by trans queen Lelomy Meldonaao, who gave an explosive and mesmerising performance at the end of the Hood by Air show.

Rodarte A/W14
Rodarte A/W14 Photography by David Urbanke
Blankets n. A large piece of woollen or similar material used as a covering on a bed or elsewhere for warmth, and sometimes as a garment. One of the biggest mementos in recent blanket fashion history was for A/W06 when the late McQueen showed blanket inspired designs and gave each guest a McQueen blanket. Blanket dressing has returned this season, pioneered by the likes of Hugo Boss and Rodarte.

Jessica Lange N. One of America's most celebrated actresses, famous for her role as Frances Farmer in Frances (for which she won an Oscar) and as Big Edie in Grey Gardens. Lange was credited for spoken word on the show notes at Marc Jacobs, revealing her to be the voice behind the somewhat sinisterly recited lyrics from the 1929 single Happy Days Are Here Again, which rang out during the show. Jacobs said he was inspired by women like Lange, "who have a sort of strength without any aggressivity".

Fuzzy a. Having a frizzy texture or appearance, à la many of the jackets across the shows – from 3.1 Phillip Lim through Alexander Wang and Michael Kors.

Chloe Nørgaard at Rodarte A/W14
Chloe Nørgaard at Rodarte A/W14 Photography by David Urbanke
Fuschia a. Of a bright, purplish-red colour, as epitomised by Chloe Norgaard's striking hair at Rodarte.

Pleats n. Double or multiple folds in a garment or other item made of cloth, held by stitching, and particularly prominent at MBMJ and Victoria Beckham this season.

Marc by Marc Jacobs A/W14
Marc by Marc Jacobs A/W14 Photography by David Urbanke
Sports socks n. A garment for the foot and lower part of the leg, typically knitted from cotton, wool or nylon, whose main fuction is to reduce friction, provide appropriate cushioning and keep the foot dry during physical exercise. Now however, sport socks have entered the fashion sphere, a trend started by Prada for S/S14, where legwarmers-cum-sports-socks play a key role in the collection. Other designers have followed suit for A/W14, including MBMJ and Jeremy Scott.

Black ice n. A transparent coating of ice, especially on a road surface. It was prevalent during New York Fashion Week as snow and ice swept the city.

Compiled by Daisy Woodward


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