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Things Arranged by Colour

Each week we bring you a trio of Good Things in art and design, chosen from the infinite creative archives of Present & Correct

Things Arranged by Colour
Things Arranged by Colour

Good Things finds that the best things can be arranged by colour

In childhood it was common practice to arrange things by colour or shape, and perhaps it is a sense of nostalgia that explains the current trend for adults doing the same. A simple exercise in OCD, it produces reliably pleasing results regardless of the objects. These recent collections might inspire you to do the same. And just as a inspirational footnote, False Arms is a site worth bookmarking –select a colour then view a random collection of art, objects, photos in said hue.

Kontor Kuntur, a Swedish design agency, acquired a mass of old stock following the death of a relative. They went about arranging it by tone, and the results are nothing short of lovely.

Färg Project: Beige
Färg Project: Beige By Kontor Kontur
Färg Project: Green
Färg Project: Green By Kontor Kontur
Färg Project: Pink
Färg Project: Pink By Kontor Kontur

Sara Cwynar's Colour Studies feature an array of junk shop and flea market finds. Organising them this way not only makes them seem more valuable, but certainly increases their aesthetic appeal.

Colour Studies: Grey/Green
Colour Studies: Grey/Green By Sara Cwynar
Colour Studies: Yellow/Blue
Colour Studies: Yellow/Blue By Sara Cwynar
Colour Studies: Pink/Red
Colour Studies: Pink/Red By Sara Cwynar

They say that red and green things are good for you. Sophie Calle took this one step further and created The Chromatic Diet – a week of colour themed dinners inspired by a fictional character. You can see, and experience, the full menu here.

Monday: Orange
Monday: Orange From Sophie Calle's Chromatic Diet
Thursday: Green
Thursday: Green From Sophie Calle's Chromatic Diet
Saturday: Pink
Saturday: Pink From Sophie Calle's Chromatic Diet

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