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Louis Vuitton A/W14: A Fierce Approach

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Louis Vuitton Menswear A/W14
Louis Vuitton Menswear A/W14 Illustration by Clym Evernden

We consider Kim Jones and the Godzilla-like approach that has led to his steadfast position as a leader, visionary and power player in luxury menswear

You would be correct in claiming that the name Kim Jones rings out as a leader, a visionary and power player in luxury menswear. His journey began in the early noughties when he infamously transformed our idea of luxury sportswear and in an instant distracted us from conventionality thus introducing us to the idea of a new kind of luxury.

Commercial knowledge and sheer creative genius combined are perhaps his recipe for success and a taste of which – with the assistance of a power house of investment, talent and ambition – have helped to propel our otherwise questionable acceptance of Vuitton as [the] go-to menswear brand, today.

“Our demographic is broad and the design process is neither to please nor ignore a greater, wider audience" – Kim Jones

Drawing back to a recent statement where LVMH claimed to establish a new strategy, in the most part, an attempt to veer away from their founders monogram – created in 1888 and one of the first designer logos – with the outlook of re-coolifying the overall Louis Vuitton namesake. The intention: to re-sway an evergrowing audience of style-savvy youngsters both in new and established markets alike.

The star attraction – none other than Jones himself alongside soon to-be-seen Ghesquière as he holds throttle ahead of the hotly anticipated debut AW14/15 womenswear extravaganza. Lending himself to an openness in global trend, where menswear now accounts for 40 percent of the global luxury market, Jones has a realistic outlook from the get go. Reaching beyond the realms of pure prestigiousness, the LV menswear collection is tapping an ever-growing consumer base from your die hard fashionista to new market hipsters. Indeed, as head of the world’s largest luxury consumer brand, a relatively simple presumption.

The A/W14 show was held in the typical LV glass box, a far-off and almost rural part of Paris, where the runway brimmed with celebrities but which quickly quietened down when reporters scrambled for a glimpse, a touch, a close-up of Jones and his flurry of well casted faces. All were eager for the designer’s relay on fabrication, inspiration and detail with only one question unanswered – who Kim, is the Louis Vuitton menswear customer? “Our demographic is broad and the design process is neither to please nor ignore a greater, wider audience,” he said.

Louis Vuitton Menswear A/W14
Louis Vuitton Menswear A/W14 Photography by Louise Damgaard

Broadening the value of Vuitton is a commercially viable and well-thought decision. Not least that this show had the Jones’ signature through-out all whilst keeping a lid on an overtly over-the-top presentation. Instead, the creative team, headed by the stylistic vision of Alister Mackie, opted for a viable knowledge base coupled with an all-out sexiness that which continues as fundamental drivers behind the cutting edge, technologically driven menswear label.

Style crusaders and the die-hard Vuitton fans alike, everyone is talking about the ferocious, almost Godzilla-like force behind what is otherwise an enriched and humble effort to position an undoubtedly brilliant example of testament signature turned luxury excellence.

Text by Andrew Blyszak


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