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New Year Special: Five a Day

Specially chosen by the AnOther team to make your Monday a little easier

Fruit by Jay Bing
Fruit by Jay Bing © Jay Bing

We bring you a selection of brilliant fruit artworks to spur you on with your January health drive

As we're almost half-way through January, we thought it was time for a little booster to help keep up the healthy Januray morale. So, we've selected ten of our favourite fruit artworks, alongside five encouraging facts, to inspire your "five a day" intake. From an array of delicately painted silver fruit courtesy of Jay Bing to a naughty watermelon à la Aurel Schmidt and a brilliantly bejazzled banana, this fruit is too good to eat... but don't let that deter you!

AnOther's Favourite Healthy Facts
1. Ingredients such as oats, barley, beans and peas are not only vital as part of a balanced diet, they help reduce the risk of heart disease and high cholesterol due to their ‘sticky’ soluble fibre and major source of folic acid i.e. Vitamin B.

2. A good fact for staying awake: eating apples is allegedly the most reliable method of staying awake, more so than having a trusty cup of coffee.  The natural sugar from apples is a more effective source than the amount of caffeine in your cappuccino.

3. Bananas are considered to actually be a herb, not a fruit. It is in fact the world's largest herb, related to the orchid and lily families. A banana's most valuable source is its high source of potassium found in all hearty fruit and veg.

4. The hotter a chilli is, the healthier it is and the higher it is in vitamins...that depends if you’re indeed brave enough to snack on incredibly spicy chillis. Capsaicin, the source of a chilli’s heat can be utilised to treat various ailments, such as arthritis, and to help lower blood cholesterol.

5. One of the healthiest items on the 2014 health menu is the celery stick. The human body is said to use up more calories digesting the food, than the stick initially contains and with it equally being packed with vitamin C.

Happy Monday! #anotherhappymonday

Photography by Florent Tanet
Photography by Florent Tanet
Hand coloured fruits by Color Morphology
Hand coloured fruits by Color Morphology © Color Morphology
Bananas by Dawn Kim
Bananas by Dawn Kim © Dawn Kim
Gold pineapples
Gold pineapples
Tropical fruit plate
Tropical fruit plate
Nipple Cantaloupe by Aurel Schmidt
Nipple Cantaloupe by Aurel Schmidt © Aurel Schmidt
Jooze fruit packaging
Jooze fruit packaging
Fresh fruit ice lolly
Fresh fruit ice lolly
Banana by Luciana Rondolini
Banana by Luciana Rondolini © Luciana Rondolini


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