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AnOther’s Top 10 Heartwarming Films

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Benny and Joon still
Benny and Joon still

AnOther picks their favourite heartwarming films to help brighten up your Boxing Day

What better way to spend Boxing Day than snuggled up on the sofa, eating leftovers and watching a brilliant film? Here we bring you our Top 10 Heartwarming Films – from timeless classics and delightful animations to lesser-known gems – to provide some essential viewing inspiration.

1. Some Like It Hot (1959)
Some Like It Hot is the ultimate feel good film to get you in the holiday mood. In an attempt to escape Chicago mobsters, Jerry and Joe (Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis) disguise themselves as female band members, when they meet the glamorously gorgeous Marilyn Monroe. A screen collaboration guaranteed to bring a huge smile.

2. Pretty in Pink (1986)
The pinnacle of the 80s Brat Pack films, Pretty in Pink encompasses everything perfect for a cosy film night in: love, loss and high school misdemeanors. Molly Ringwald’s teenage heartbreak takes us back to those golden years we’ll never forget. 

3. Gone with the Wind (1939)
Set in the late 1800s, Gone With the Wind, is renowned for being a beloved family feature. At nearly four hours long, the film follows the thoughtless yet intrinsically endearing Scarlett O'Hara (Vivien Leigh) and her hopeless love for a married man (Clark Gable). Fraught with romance and scandal, it will remain a timeless Hollywood classic.

4. Ratatouille (2007)
Ratatouille sees the culinary aspirations of Remy the rat come true, as he sets his sights on becoming the chef of a top French restaurant. A stunning animation championing the idea that no dream is too big, it is perfect family viewing for any lazy day.

5. The Science of Sleep (2006)
Sci-fi comedy The Science of Sleep is seemingly bizarre yet enthralling. Often set in a parallel world of dreams and imagination, Stéphane Miroux (Gael Garcia Bernal) is left unable to determine fantasy from reality when he falls for Stephanie, (the beautiful Charlotte Gainsbourg). Michel Gondry’s unconventional picture is truly memorable and perfect escapism material.

6. Uncle Buck (1989)
Who doesn’t love a John Hughes cult-classic? This comedy sees the lives of a middle class suburban family turned upside down by the arrival of Uncle Buck (Jon Candy). Unemployed, unattached and uninhibited, Buck babysits his brother’s three children in the most crass unconventional means possible. Despite his run-ins, we know his heart is in the right place and that’s why we’d all secretly love him to be our uncle.

7. Cool Runnings (1993)
Cool Runnings absurdity is a surefire way to get anyone into a good spirit. Loosely based around a true story, this film follows the lives of four Jamaican Olympiads in their quest to become a winning bobsleigh team, after their former track dreams are dashed. Brimming with irony and gripping setbacks Cool Runnings is truly uplifting.

8. Groundhog Day (1993)
The ultimate nightmare is brought to existence when weatherman Phil (Bill Murray) finds himself living the same day again and again, 2nd February 1992. This film has been such a hit that the date has become recognized as a national holiday. As moralistic as this film may be, dull and repetitive it definitely isn’t. Great easy viewing packed with romance and laughter. 

9. Benny and Joon (1993)
Nothing is more captivating than a young Johnny Depp to feast our eyes on, so how about his Golden Globe nominated performance in Benny and Joon, in which Depp was cast as the eccentric Sam with a great fondness for Buster Keaton. To those who are fans of physical comedy routines reminiscent of Charlie Chaplin, this one’s for you.

10. Up (2009)
Simultaneously poignant and heart-warming, Pixar’s Up is a guaranteed to unravel a range of emotions. The fantastical journey of 78-year-old Carl is packed with unexpected twists and turns as he sets out to fulfil his childhood dream of living in the remote depths of South America.  Hold on to your balloons, this animated films is a real adventure.

Text by India van Spall


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