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Resort Flash: An Interview with Make-up Artist Lisa Houghton

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Resort Flash
Resort Flash Photography by Quentin Jones

To coincide with the launch of Quentin Jones' Resort Flash GIFs, we speak to make-up artist Lisa Houghton

AnOther’s Resort GIFs by Quentin Jones and fashion editor Agata Belcen are a surrealist mash-up of geometric shapes and block colours, featuring model Maja Saloman and striking make-up by Lisa Houghton. Inspired by the Memphis Design Movement of the 1980s, Hougton’s bright stripes of red, blue and yellow echo the architectural furniture of the period: pop-art chairs by Ettore Sottsass and the Superlamp by Martine Bedin. “I took my inspiration from furniture design and translated that into bold shapes on the face,” Houghton explains. Soloman’s pale skin and blonde eyebrows made her the perfect canvas for the assortment of graphic lines and colourful forms. Here, AnOther speaks with Houghton about her inspiration.

How did you decide on which colours to use?
I was inspired by the shockingly colorful and bright Italian Memphis Furniture Design Movement of the 1980s –  art deco with a twist of pop art. I also love the bright bold shapes of Ellsworth Kelly.

What do these colours symbolise?
The modern, futuristic feel of the 1980s, with a bit of the 1950s too. The colourful pop art screen prints of Andy Warhol were also an inspiration for the mood.

How did these colours work with the clothing?
I used primary colours that worked well with the palette of the clothing, however I was really excited by the clash of colours for the general look, as the shoot was abstract and playful.

What products did you use on the lips and face?
Acrylic paints from my art shop and dark blackberry lipstick by Tom Ford mixed with black.

See the Resort Flash Exclusive here

Text by Mhairi Graham


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