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The Sounds of Wim Wenders

We present a series of specially curated playlists inspired by the best in the AnOther world

Harry Dean Stanton in Paris, Texas
Harry Dean Stanton in Paris, Texas

The most important character in Wim Wenders' movies: the music

Wim Wenders once remarked that rock n’ roll had saved his life. How exactly, we know not, but it certainly entwined itself firmly round his professional world, taking on a central role in all his many cinematic projects from his 1970 debut Summer in the City – which was itself dedicated to The Kinks. Here we celebrate some of the musical highlights from a film career that has spanned more than forty years, from the jukebox appearance of Canned Heat in a dusty tea shop in Alice in the Cities and Buena Vista Social Club’s triumphant Chan Chan in the last moments of Wenders’ Oscar nominated documentary on the band, to Milla Jojovich’s perhaps questionable version of Satellite of Love from The Million Dollar Hotel and Pina, Tom Hanreich’s exquisite instrumental paen to Wenders’ friend and collaborator Pina Bausch. It’s a gloriously eclectic collection, filled with life, passion, love and rhythm. As Wenders himself remarked, “Sex and violence was never really my cup of tea; I was always more into sax and violins."

You Really Got Me by The Kinks from Summer in the City (1970)

On The Road Again by Canned Heat from Alice in the Cities (1974)

Just Like Eddie by Heinz from Kings of the Road (1976)

She's Leaving the Bank by Ry Cooder from Paris, Texas (1984)

The Carny by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds from Wings of Desire (1987)

(I'll Love You) Till the End of the World by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds from Until the End of the World (1991)

Chan Chan by Buena Vista Social Club from Buena Vista Social Club (1999)

Satellite of Love by Milla Jojovich from The Million Dollar Hotel (2000)

Looking for Water by David Bowie from Land of Plenty (2004)

Pina by Thom Hanreich from Pina (2011)

This evening we are celebrating Wim Wenders' birthday with a screening of Paris, Texas at the Dalston Roof Garden. To read more about the screening tonight, click here, for a Top Ten of Wim Wenders Facts, click here, and for more about Nastassja Kinski, the enigmatic star of Paris, Texas, click here.


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