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Philip Handford for Dunhill

AnOther Guest Lovers share their thoughts on their favourite finds


In 1893, Alfred Dunhill transformed his father’s saddlery business into “Dunhill’s Motorities”, with a view to selling “Everything for the car but the motor.” Over the years, the business has expanded into the definitive British men’s accessories brand, selling pipes, lighters, pens, watches and, in the 21st century, clothing.

For over 100 years Alfred Dunhill has defined what British style really means. A brand that has mastered the gift of evolving with the times, without compromising on its essence of elegance, intelligence and creativity. From the finest menswear to handcrafted leathergoods and iconic accessories, Alfred Dunhill’s appreciation of classic design and attention to detail, combined with modern functionality and contemporary style, makes it simply the world’s greatest luxury brand for men.

Alfred Dunhill is just as committed to creating innovative, engaging and inspiration brand statements – from the acclaimed Voice advertising campaign – which celebrates real men who have truly achieved greatness – to industry defining events. It was on one of these events that Alfred Dunhill collaborated with Philip Handford, founder & creative director of design agency Campaign. The New York Momentary Event in March 2010 saw Alfred Dunhill recreate their magnificent Bourdon House – formerly The Duke of Westminster's London residence, now the brand’s London 'Home' complete with store, private cinema, barber, spa and private member’s club – as a temporary installation at New York Fashion Week.

This week, Handford will be the AnOther Guest Lover, selecting his favourite things and posting them twice daily on the AnOther Loves stream. His first selection today is his Parsons Russell Terrier Bones, and here we find out more about Bones’ favourite accessories as well as which human would play him in a film of his life.

Why did you choose to Love Bones?
He is British, full of beans and a big thinker. I couldn't imagine my day without him by my side.

What's the best thing about having a dog?
The one thing in life a man can truly rely on is his four legged friend. He is always there, beady eyed, come rain or shine!

What is the best thing you've bought him?
When I travel somewhere I always tend to bring back a little something, he likes chewing up cuddly toys. But I think the best thing he has are his Beats headphones.

If he was a person, who would he be?
Ralph Fiennes.

For all of Philip Handford's AnOther Loves, see his full Loves stream here.


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