Pluto Aged Twelve, 2000
Design & LivingLucian Freud's Whippet
Picasso and Lump
Design & LivingPicasso's Sausage Dog
The Lookout, 1974
Design & LivingPatti Smith's Cats
Self Portrait with Monkeys by Frida Kahlo, 1943
Design & LivingFrida Kahlo's Monkeys, Dogs & Birds
Audrey Hepburn with Ip, 1958
Design & LivingAudrey Hepburn and her Fawn
Bruce and his beloved Golden Retrievers
Design & LivingBruce Weber's Golden Retrievers
Vivien Lee and her Siamese, New Boy
Design & LivingVivien Leigh's Cats
Angus (left) and India (right)
Design & LivingTom Ford and Richard Buckley's Dogs