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Delightfully Kitsch Still Lifes of Plastic Flowers

Mathias Mons and Claus Troelsgaard’s photographs of artificial floral arrangements are a perfect antidote to the Monday blues

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Yesterday marked the beginning of daylight savings time 2017, subsequently putting an end to the sheer horror of those apathy-inducing dark winter evenings. That doesn’t mean, however, that Monday mornings are any easier to deal with, despite being a touch sunnier. So to help you along the way to becoming the bright eyed and bushy tailed individual who usually manages to emerge from the dregs of a weekend hangover around 11.30am on a Tuesday, we present a delightfully seasonal floral photo-series photographed by Claus Troelsgaard, with floral arrangements by Mathias Mons, as a botanical antidote to the blues.

As the photographer explains, “I hope I can inspire people to take a moment to stop and look at things amidst the fast pace of life. I want each individual’s response to be an expression of the viewer’s own reflections; I do not want to impose a feeling. Although in some cases, I find still life shots almost meditative and calm.” So please, take as long as required to reach inner peace this morning by gazing upon these decidedly kitsch yet artfully arranged plastic petals, leaves and stems. Alternatively, popping outside for a quick cigarette break also works wonders.