Photographs of Flowers Where You'd Least Expect to Find Them

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flowers red wall
Flower© Maxwell Anderson, Courtesy of Bemojake

From vases atop filing cabinets to printed high street fabrics, Maxwell Anderson's vibrant new photo-book compiles images of all the flora we neglect to notice in our everyday lives

“Awkward” and “unceremonious” may not be the words that spring to mind when we ponder flowers, but they are exactly the driving force behind artist Maxwell Anderson’s venture into photographing flora in all its forms. Over the past six years, Anderson has gone through life ready to shoot flowers in any situation he may have happened upon them: the ever-bright face of a sunflower propped atop a pavement grate; a dainty red clip almost lost behind the veritable mass of similarly hued hair and intense stare of an unknown girl; or a murky-watered vase of long-stemmed white lilies inexplicably placed on the floor next to a toaster. The resulting compilation of bizarre-yet-beautiful photographs have now been published in this limited-edition photo-book, Flower, which details his documentation of flowers and the “often inane human interpretations” of them which have become so ingrained in our culture.

Flower, however, is anything but inane. It is a small delight of a photo-book, bound in brilliant pink card and covered with a fine thread evocative of pressed flowers, so tactile that holding the book is akin to taking a velvety rose petal between your fingertips. The variety of images inside is also part of its charm, as almost every spread comprises of a flower – in natural and unnatural settings alike – juxtaposed with blooms as a favourite motif in fashion. Think of this lovely publication as a reminder to notice examples in the world, regardless of where you find yourself on this November Monday.

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Flower by Maxwell Anderson is available now, published by Bemojake.