What AnOther Loves This Week: Cashmere Mules & Hockney Pools

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From pistachio ice cream-coloured slippers to a sun-drenched Hockney photo-book, this week's @anotherloves edit sets the tone for summer

In terms of summer footwear, what could be better than a pair of cashmere-covered mules that bear a remarkable resemblance in colour to pistachio ice-cream? Beautifully handcrafted by London-based footwear label Malone Souliers, these wispy slippers pay testament to creative director Mary Alice Malone's mission statement, which she described in an interview with Vogue UK as being "longevity over quickness: aiming to define and clarify as meticulously as possible the tactile values of luxury." After all, stroking them would be just as much fun as wearing them.

From March of 1981 through June 1983 celebrated British artist David Hockney devoted himself to experimentations in photography, taking thousands of sun-drenched images – of pools, palms, still-lifes, landscapes and people – and creating over 350 photocollages. This beautifully illustrated tome was published by Thames & Hudson in 1984, and boasts a carefully curated selection of highlights from his two-year love affair with the medium. It is arguably the finest Hockney photo-book to date and a must-buy for all photography fanatics.

Surely one of the best things about warm weather is the opportunity for al fresco dining – be it a barbecue in your own backyard, a dinner in a blossoming restaurant garden, or a rural picnic. The key to a perfect picnic is forward planning, from soft, expansive rugs to well-seasoned sandwiches, iced lemonade, and a pictureque spot. But a fully-equipped picnic basket is the icing on the cake, and this vintage Louis Vuitton Malle Pique-Nique – currently on display at the house's New Bond Street store, alongside other archive gems – is the optimum example, complete with porcelain plates, crystal glasses and silver cutlery and dishes all pristinely housed in designated pockets. We shall never eat indoors again.

Rarely has crochet – of the woollen variety at least – looked this good. Proving that the current wave of 1970s nostalgia continues to manifest itself in new and unexpected ways, this bold Miu Miu vest in deftly woven cashmere, gives the sewing technique a modern (yet suitably trippy) spin. Pair with deep blue denim flares and wedges to unleash your inner Cher.

"There are always flowers for those who want to see them," Henri Matisse famously said. And the optimistic artist wanted to see them most of the time: blooms serving as one of his most enduring subject matters over the years, featuring prominently in both his vibrant still life paintings and drawings as well and his minimalist cut-outs. But a Matisse flower is not easy to come by – in a 2007 auction at Christie's New York, Matisse's painting, L’Odalisque, harmonie bleue (painted in 1937, and featuring an eye-catching bouquet in the foreground) sold for a record-breaking $33.6 million – so opting for a beautiful exhibition poster such as this is your best bet.