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The Art of Water

It's coming at us from all angles – from smug beach photos to Hurricane Bertha – so this week's Good Things celebrates the wonder of water

Water Tower
Water Tower

Humans are roughly 65% water with around 71% of the earths surface is covered in the stuff. At this time of year we can’t get enough – except perhaps for the rainy kind – for quenching, cooling and playing, so dive into our round up of refreshing takes on all things aquatic. You don’t even need a towel.

Omar Sosa, stylist for Apartamento, regularly takes every day materials or objects and arranges them beautifully. Here he filled glasses with coloured water, before making patterns from them. Simple and ingenious.

Hutt Lagoon, in Australia, is full of algae which produce beta carotene – resulting in various shades of pink and red throughout the year. Steve Hutt has recorded the seasonal changes in his series of photos.

Old water towers tickle our brutalist fancy. With their vast array of geometric structures and hard lines, it seems like no two are the same, and like some came from outer space. If you like them too, then you can see more here from around the world.

These ethereal paintings of waterfalls by Hiroshi Senju are reminiscent of 70s sci-fi book covers and the northern lights.

For some instant refreshment take a look at these photos of people flying out of water chutes. The campaign to make this an Olympic sport starts now.

And finally, web artist extraordinaire Rafael Rozendaal has some excellent water-based websites for your perusal. Our favourite is your own personal beach.