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Cabins of the World

This week's Good Things presents the best in the architecture of escapism, with this selection of idyllic cabins

Cabins of the World
Cabins of the World

Here in London, it’s not uncommon, of a morn, to be crammed on a tube or bus dreaming of a hideaway in the middle of nowhere; a perfectly formed box surrounded by trees and blue sky. Luckily we have the internet to aid our fantasies and future plans. This week Good Things suggests you mentally escape your desk with some cabin love.

Cabin Porn is the best source of old, new, tatty, smart cabins around the world. If you’re feeling a bit harassed it's the perfect breather before getting on with your work.

Drew Tyndell is a man who likes cabins so much that he recreates them as artwork for walls in galleries. Using clean wooden lines and the nicest palettes, he assembles his work and leaves us wishing they came in XXL – with a door.

If your fantasies are on the fast road to reality then let us direct you to a book of vintage plans and blueprints. Why pay for an architect? Just use Second Homes for Leisure Living or McCall's Book of Modern Houses.