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Francisco Costa's Top 5 Art Films

Ahead of his A/W14 show, Francisco Costa shares his top 5 art films with AnOther

5. The End of Time by Zaatari Akram (2012)... “In October, I saw this silent, black and white video at a contemporary art gallery called Regen Projects in Los Angeles, California. I found its raw, pure, human quality very compelling and beautiful."

4. Fire Tornado by Daniel Wurtzel (2011)... “I find the combination of technology and nature used to create an emotion and new energy extremely powerful."

3. Pas de Deux by Daniel Wurtzel (2012)... "The video is so simple, yet mesmerizing. This video especially speaks to me because of my love of textiles – all of my designs start with the fabric."

During his eleven-year tenure at Calvin Klein Collection, Francisco Costa has put his artistic stamp on the brand’s minimalist style, inspired by art, film, music and dance, looking to everything from Modernism and Abstract Expressionism to Russian film and contemporary dance. In the run up to his much-anticipated A/W14 show, Costa shares his top five dance films with AnOther.

1. 475 Volver by Cinthia Marcelle (2009) (above)

2. O Século by Cinthia Marcelle and Tiago Mata Machado, 2011... "I like the element of 'cause and effect' seen in each video by Cynthia Marcelle, whether it is the infinite figure-of-eight created by the bulldozer, or the continuous amassing of waste in 'O Século."