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Rick Owens on DRKSHDW

To celebrate the opening of Rick Owens' pop-up DRKSHDW store in London, we catch up with the designer and revisit our exclusive film portrait of Owens

The DRKSHDW store opens today at 30A Redchurch Street, London and closes October 4. Opening hours are Wednesday - Saturday 12pm-7pm and Sunday 12pm-5pm.

In July, Rick Owens opened the first of two temporary stores intended to showcase his DRKSHDW collection. This can be found on Wooster Street in New York's SoHo district, while the second installment – on East London's Redchurch street – opens today following widespread anticipation. Owens' acclaimed secondary line offers a reinterpretation of the avant-garde designer's idiosyncratic shapes in denim and knits, and caters for both men and women. Each store is intended as a fleeting "MICRODRKSHDW world", boasting an extensive range of clothing and accessories, and set to close in October.

Here, to celebrate the London store opening, we catch up with Owens to find out more about the store and his views on the capital, and revisit our exclusive film A Little Bit Eternal – an intimate portrait of Owens and his wife Michele Lamy, by Danielle Levitt.

What are the key ideas behind DRKSHDW?
DRKSHDW is for the gardeners in an art deco prison, or mechanics on a concrete spaceship, or a brutalist olympics team...

What were the ideas behind the Redchurch St interior?
I wanted something hard and dumb and fast like a Ramones song. 

What excites you most about London?
The museum and gallery scene is so energizing – it always kick-starts me creatively.

If you lived in London, where would it be?
I would look for the cottage in Hampstead with the triangular garden that Beverly Nichols wrote about in "Green Grows the City".

How have you spent your summer?
he same as all year round – work and beach.